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Why not get paid for something you already do on a daily basis? Maxus USA will pay you for what you do everyday, surfing the internet. Get paid today for just surfing websites, doing simple tasks, and viewing ads in different formats. We are a media between advertisers and publishers bridging the gap of traffic online, the backbone of online marketing. Maxus USA is all about meeting the end goal of both parties involving in publishing and online advertising using latest technology within the targeted communities.


Our Vision & Mission

We simply wish that our company Maxus USA ads achieves the same meaning as the word itself. Our mission is to constantly find innovative new ways to pay our members just for surfing websites,viewing ads. Completing tasks like Captcha, database update, form filling from our clients outsourcing, publishers and Advertisers. We will always be putting our brain power into thinking of something new to help increase your earnings. Rest assured your journey with Demo Site Ad will not be a dull one. But will be a growing experience for everyone involved in our community from any country.

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    Earn from every member you Sponsor.

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    View Ads

    The process is really simple. Doing things you do everyday.

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    Earn Money

    It has great potential for immense earning and provisions.

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Maxus USA ads has an unique affiliate program through which anyone can earn substantial income promoting the membership and licences. Only our license holders can promote this opportunity.

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